*Pregnancy Counseling and Support

*Personal Case Worker, To Help You Or Just To Listen, 24-7

*Help In Selecting Your Adoptive Family

*Adoptive Family Private Meeting

*Help With Living Expenses

*Medical Expenses Paid

*Transportation Services

*Private Adoption Support and Education

*Support During Delivery

*Legal Representation

*Post-Adoption Support

*Located in Wichita, Kansas, we can serve and support pregnant women nationwide.

Open Adoption

     Birth Mom and Adoptive Parents have contact during pregnancy, at the hospital and after placement takes place.  The amount of contact is defined early in an Open Adoption Agreement and includes 18 years worth of pictures and updates of baby being sent to Birth Mom.

Step-Parent Adoption

Adoption Takes Time, but Love Arrives Instantly.

Birth Mom Support Services

Adoptive Family Support Services

*Free  Adoptive Family Consultation

*Support in Obtaining a Home Study

*Support in Creating Your Family Profile

*Birth Family Private Meeting

*Private Adoption Support and Education

*Post Adoption Reports, as required

*Court Appearances and Legal Representation

*Post Adoption Support

*Referral for Adoption Funding

*Located in Wichita, Kansas and serving families nationwide in accessing Kansas, which has some of the most pro-adoption laws in the country.

Closed Adoption

     If you are considering adoption, it means you already love your child and want what is best for your baby.  By looking at adoption, you are considering what kind of life you want for your baby and what you feel you are ready for yourself.

.     Both these are good things.  We can help you figure this out.

Semi-Open Adoption

Considering Adoption?

     Birth Mom and Adoptive Parents have no communication during or after pregnancy except one initial selection meeting, if Birth Mother wishes.  No last names or identifying information is exchanged.

     Birth Mom and Adoptive Parents have contact as outlined in an Adoption Contract, but communication occurs through St. Nicholas staff.   Last names or other identifying information is exchanged only if specifically agreed upon.

     If you are married and the other biological parent is out of the picture or will sign a consent, your spouse may adopt your child in Kansas.  Severing the parental rights of a biological parent through adoption makes your spouse the legal parent of your child and terminates any child support obligation from the former parent.