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Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy?

What if I Just Want to Talk About It?

We are a Christian Adoption Agencies  that cares about you.

You Can Do This.

*Fear:  If I love my child, I would never consider adoption.

     TRUTH:  If you are not ready to parent, adoption is the most loving and unselfish thing you can give your child.  It takes real love to make this decision.

*Fear:  Nobody can love my child as much as me.

     TRUTH:  Love is not limited to people who give birth.  Adoptive families will love your child with their whole hearts.  (And will love you for making their family possible.)

*Fear:  I will forget my child if I place him or her for adoption.

     TRUTH:  You will always remember and love your child.  It is the strength of your love that lets you choose adoption if you are not ready to parent.

*Fear:  I can never tell anybody if I do a baby adoption.

     TRUTH:  Adoption is increasingly open and commonplace today.  Many birth parents have pictures of their child in their home.  Throughout their lives, they find others often turn to them for advice, because they have so much respect and admiration for the birth parents who handled a very hard situation with such goodness and strength.

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If You Decide Adoption Is Right For You and Your Baby

*You will be matched with a supportive person you can call anytime.

*You can choose the Adoptive Family.

*We will have a "Match Meeting" where you can meet the Adoptive Family to make sure things are "right" for you and your baby.

*Financial assistance is available, including money for medical expenses, living expenses, transportation...whatever you need.

*Open adoption:  You can be as open as you wish with the Adoptive Family.  You can have pictures, updates and information about you child as he or she grows.