We Limit The Number of Adoptive Families We Work With,

As This Tends To Shorten The Time You Must Wait To For Your Baby.

Why We Do This Work.

Kansas Is The Best Place To Adopt.

Thank you for your interest in Adoption.  You may call or text us at any time at 316-282-4928 or email us at stnickadoptions.com

Adoptive Family Consultation.

Interested In Adoption?

     The Staff at St. Nick Adoptions are brought to this work because adoption has been a part of our lives, both personally and professionally.  We believe that there are a lot of ways that God, if asked, brings families together.  We believe that adoption is a beautiful, rewarding and emotionally complicated process that results in your child being brought to you through God.

     We would be honored to be partners with you and God in this process.

Kansas has some of the best laws supporting Adoption in America today!

*Birth parents can sign a consent for adoption just 12 hours after birth.  In other states, the delay may be 30 days or more, causing distress to both birth and adoptive parents.

*Kansas adoptions allow financial support for Birth Mothers.  Adoption should be good for everyone!

     Please call to schedule a free, no-obligation office visit to discuss adoption.

     Our consultation visit occurs in our office and both members of the Adopting Couple should be present.  If you are single and plan to adopt, you are welcome to bring a friend for support.  There is no need to bring anything with you for this meeting.  We will talk about how the adoption process works and what needs to happen to begin the process of adoption.

     After the Adoptive Family Consultation, if you become a potential Adoptive Couple, you will need to do three things to begin:

     1.  Submit a fully completed Adoptive Family Intake Questionnaire

     2.  Submit a photo of your family

     3.  Submit a $250 application fee

     From there, we will finish the application requirements and begin searching for the baby that will complete your family.