1.  What kind of services do you provide?

We provide Free and Confidential pregnancy support.  We will meet with you wherever you wish.  We will listen and help with living expenses, medical costs, transportation, school support and other things you and your baby need.If you choose adoption, we will provide scrap books, letters and meetings with families you may wish to place your child with.  We can be with you through labor and delivery.We provide post-adoption support.

2.  Deciding on adoption is so hard.  Who can help?

If you call us, you will be assigned a case worker who is available 24-7.She can talk with you about all options.  She will be there throughout your pregnancy to support you.

3.  If I choose adoption, will I pick the family?    How do I know the adoptive family is a good family? 

To adopt, a family must go through a lot of screening!  A home study, criminal background check, interview with us, financial check…these are just a few of the things they go through before they are approved.

 3.  Do my parents have to know? 

You are not legally required to tell your parents.  However, secrets cause problems in families and if you wish to tell them, we can help you do this.

4.  Does the father have to know?  What if I don’t know where he is? 

Birth fathers are notified by the lawyer prior to the adoption being finalized.If you don’t know where he is, there are other ways for the lawyer to handle this.  Let's talk through this.

5.  How will I know if my child is ok as they grow up? 

Many open adoptions require regular pictures and updates be sent to Mom as the child grows.We can work out that plan together.

6.  What if I just want to learn more or have a friend who needs help? 

Give us a call  .We can talk by phone or in person.  We will answer your questions and talk about the situation with you.  316-282-4928

Jim and Julian Thomas, Founders

At Adoptions by St. Nick

FAQS for Birth Mom's

Call To Chat:  316-282-4928

FAQS for Adoptive Families

Jim and Julian Thomas have been personally touched by adoption.  Their middle daughter, Claire, was adopted at birth.  Along with her two sisters, Claire loves telling her families adoption story.

     After prayerful consideration, Jim and Julian decided to blend their professional lives.  In doing so, they work together to bring the miracle of being "chosen" to other children through "Adoptions by Saint Nicholas".

     Through the Agency, their work for the non-profit company, "Saint Nicholas Cares", and their commitment to their family, they hope to grow in the mission to which each of us is called--the mission to serve God and each other.

     The next adoption journey that is upcoming for the Thomas family is...Step-Parent Adoption!

     God brings families together in lots of different ways.  We would be honored to help.

1.  How do I know if I want to adopt?

Adoption is wonderful and challenging. Prayerful consideration, honest conversations with your spouse and trusted friends or family and perhaps meeting with a family counselor is well advised.

2. How long does it take?

The short answer is we believe it will happen in God’s time, when your baby is ready. However, there are things you can do to improve your odds of a speedy adoption. Most importantly, place yourself with an agency that limits the number of adoptive families they work with. If you are one of 1,000 adoptive families, your odds are less than if you are 1 of 50 families working with an Agency. At St. Nicholas, we purposefully screen and limit the number of families we work with.

3. What kinds of families are “picked” by birth parents?

How God brings families together is a mystery! Some birth moms want baby to be an only child; some want a large family. Some want a two career family, some a stay at home mom or single parent. We have found a surprising number of adoptions based upon “family resemblance” between birth and adoptive families. In your profile, be honest, show what a terrific family you are and wait for God to work. Your adoption story will be unique in all the world.

4. Should I tell my baby he or she is adopted?

Life teaches us that “secrets make you sick”. Studies show that honesty spoken in language appropriate to the age of the listener is the healthiest policy. So yes, it is right and good to let your child know she was chosen to be given life by one set of adults who love her and raised by a different set of adults who love her.

5. OK, so if I tell my child, how do I do it?

Early and often. It’s really as simple as proudly telling others the story of how God brought this baby to you in front of your child. Allowing your child to hear this story of love and pride over and over again will allow your child to integrate the situation gradually in a way that builds that pride and confidence into his personality.

6. How much should I tell my extended family and friends about my decision to adopt?

The people closest to us should support, nurture and lift us up. They can offer prayer, support and perhaps financial contribution to help make your journey easier. If these types of people are in your life, we encourage you to share your journey with them.Type your paragraph here.

Birth Mom Selects Adoptive Family, Deciding How and By Whom Baby Is Raised.

Extensive Medical and Social History Provided.

We Heavily Screen and Limit The Number of Adoptive Families We Take On, As This Tends To Shorten The Wait To Adopt.

Help With Birth Mom's Living Expenses and Medical Costs Available.

Short Finalization Period For Adoption.

Case Worker Assigned To Both Birth Parent's and Adoptive Parent's For Maximum Support.

We are Christians; you don't have to be to be served by us.

We are located in Wichita, Kansas but available to serve anywhere in the U.S.  Kansas Offers Extremely Compassionate and Supportive laws in support of baby adoption.